November 7th, 2006

V sad

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I'm going to fail EDU113(into to Sci.). It's too easy, that I haven't been bothered to do any work on it at all. I don't mind taking it next year, as I don't think it'll add much to my work load. So I'm not going to the EDU113 exams.

I'm so over uni.

Should pass (just) both EDU101(intro to education) and JPN172(Japanese 2).
Have the Japan oral today., Hopefully should go ok.

Looking after these kids is hard work. They energy from the moment they get up, to when they go to sleep. It's exhausting, and I'm way more tired than I usually am. I had 9hrs sleep last night, but still had a nap as soon as I'd gotten the kids off to school. Thank God for Lise doing this with me. I wouldn't have anyone else.

It is a lot of fun, we had a great fun dinner last night. It's just so exhausting. I wish the two youngest would slow down a bit. Everything is NOW NOW NOW!!!! Listen to everything I have to say because it's VERY important NOW! And Andrew, the youngest, cries all the time! He's just so sensitive.

I'm so tired, and I don't care about uni so much, which sucks, because I want to be a teacher, I just don't want to jump through these crappy hoops that they set. It's so f***ing stupid! *insert more expletives about how insane these units are*

The only unit I really enjoy is Japanese, and I'm scared that I'm going to fail it too.


Oral, then straight home to supervise the kiddies, then sunday school bible study pool party, o supervise 10+ kids in a pool, then home for dinner, then nag Simon and Andrew till they go to bed.

Also, thank God the two oldest are pretty much self-sufficient. I love those two!
I love the youngest two too, just more annoying.

EDIT: I know my grammer = teh sucky. On Sunday night I had a serious problem with stringing sentances together. They all came out as words with no conjuctions. And I forgot all the kids names, so I called all of them "sonny Jim"