November 18th, 2006

willow sad

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it's finished. No, not exams. The 2 weeks of babysitting. Yay! Andrew, the youngest at 7 was getting rather annoying, what with the crying at the drop of a hat. Blah.
I will miss the two eldest though. Rachel was crying when Lise and I left. aww. Rachel was great. We had a heap of fun. Because Lise is such a trusted friend, I've pretty much been telling her every thought that pops into my head. And now she's not around to do that to. *sad* I'll just have to tell you lot on el-jay.

Exam on Wednesday still to go. Blah. Is jap and I NEED to study for it.

Went to Little Creatures last night with Matt and Intan and them bunch. Had great pizza! Had a good time.

Why are there so many skanks in freo!?!?! Why do people dress up like complete whores!?!?!?!

shinobi love

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I just watched a whole movie on youtube! Yay! I a happy. t'was a japanese movie, so it counts as study. It's called Nana, and it's based on a manga by th same name. Very girly. I've watched the anime, and they're very very similar.