November 20th, 2006


(no subject)

I've spent this morning downloading stuff from the TripleJ website. I also have the new Blind Guardian cd. *complete joy!*

I've been listening to Space Goat, Swamp Donkey and COMA FM this morning. As well as some NOGH, that my eljay mate whensheflies uploaded for me. And now I'm wallowing in joyous metal goodness. Not that NOGH isn't good, because it is good, but I'v been waiting to download BG until it was as legal as it would ever get (legal internet usage). Oh... BG joy. Dear Lord this is awesome!! *flails*

Exam on Wednesday, I have been watching anime as my primary study technique *slaps self on hand* bad Kat!

I made a myspace account. I know. Myspace bad. VERY BAD. But I didn't want anyone to take my pseudonym and also, there were some bloigs I wanted to watch because of good band-age. Yay for music. Boo to music being on myspace.

Yay for Blind Guardian album A Twist in the Myth. It's similar in style to Nightfall in Middle Earth and A Night at the Opera. Which is good, coz they're my favourite albums.

I'm getting more shifts at Subway after Wednesday, which is good as more hours = more money = bogu + trip to Melbourne for kendo nationals + legal music + christmas presents for people.

I think I'll get Laura some good music + movies. Parents are always a mystery. Maybe I could knit Dad a scarf and finish off this cross-stitch I started for Mum. Belated birthday + christmas present. Do Dads like scarves? He never wears them, and probably wouldn't appriciate it much if I made it for him. I could get him something techy, like a thumb drive. Anyone have any suggestions for presents? A book is an obvious choice, but he has too many of those. Maybe a gardening related object, as he enjoys gardening.

Other good music is the Pipettes. 60s-70s music. Good stuff. Been playing in JJJ, yay!