December 2nd, 2006


Eclectic, I like that word

Hey everyone. Babysitting at the moment. Is going ok. The little girl woke up a little while ago, but went to sleep again quickly. The husband is releasing an album tonight I think, or something, it's a debut. I ordered pizza, and have eaten said pizza. Went shopping today and bought 3 dresses and a nice cardigan. Yay for dresses. I also waxed my legs. Yay. Although, it was a home job and as i haven't had my legs waxed in ages, it didn't turn out so good. But i think I'm going to make this long term, as i no longer want to shave. Touch typing is becoming easier as i practice more.

*sigh* what else. I'm working a double shift on tuesday. Bleh. daylight savings starts soon eh? bleh, one hour less of sleep. *crap* this is an eclectic entry. i wonder when exam results get it. I'm sure i've failed. I think so far, i'm going to take the semester off, but i don't want to do that. Funnily enough, i'd prefer studying somethin else instead. I dunno what though, boo. But maybe working full time again could be good. My car needs a service. It isn't running too well, it's stalling randomly, and every now and then the air-con cuts out, and the power steering fluid is still leaking. boo.