December 4th, 2006

christian bale equilibrium

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I just went for a jog with Laura, senragine.

Now I feel all pumped, and good about myself and I want to do more exercise more regularly. I'm going to do some surfing lessons, and go back to kendo. I'll go this Thursday. I'm going to call surfing people tomorrow and see if I can attend a class, or set of classes. Yay for being fit. I totally whipped Laura at jogging. She got the stitch and had to stop. *gloat* Laura is the uber sporty one in the family. But now I feel sporty. I've lost weight since doing full-time work at Subway. Now I hope to lose some more.

I'm going to activate my visa debit card tomorrow, so I can buy plane tickets to Melbourne. The sooner I book and pay for them, the less expensive it'll be (don't they go up in price the closer to the date you get?). Yay for the Blind Guardian concert! *squee* People on the forum boards have been talking about how they hung around backstage and met the band. I want to do that. I'll totally stay up for as long as possible and meet them. OMGSQUEE

Work was good today. I went mad again, but that was fun anyway. Doing a double tomorrow. So anyone come into the subway store in subiaco, and i'll be there. From 10-10. w00t /sarcasm.

I'm going to go have a shower now. Yay for shower.

Also. Friday, 10:30am, City beach. Anyone welcome to come for a swim and muck about!