December 8th, 2006

Anya loving

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I saw the new James Bond movie tonight, it was pretty good, though I found Daniel Craig's acting a bit stiff. Mostly it was really entertaining. I went with Ian and Malcolm. We were waiting in the line to get tickets at Innaloo, when we spotted Pujah and Rolan in the line in front of us. So we got to chatting, and we gave them money, so they bought our tickets for us, which was nice, because it was a very long line and tickets were almost sold out.

Pujah and I went to the bathroom before the movie, and on the way she asked me about Ian and myself. Which I find very amusing. Apparently, there's been a fair bit of gossip about the two of us. For everyone on my flist, I had a bit of a crush on Ian for a while. But no longer. So I found it amusing. Lol. I had a good time this evening, I'm glad I went out. Tomorrow and Saturday nights I'm working the closing shift at subway. Friday at Subi, Saturday at Claremont.

I'm getting incredibly excited about going to see Blind Guardian in Feb. In fact, I'm getting excited just about all the stuff coming up in Feb. Two trips down south, BG and the big day out with Muse. Oh squee. Two favouritest bands in one month. I'm going to get t-shirts! *squee*

It's raining! WTF?

I'm feeling good about stuff. Yay.