December 12th, 2006

Simon casual


workworkwork. It's sucking up my life. I AM subway!!! Mwahaha. Let me temp you with tasty cookies and healthy subs. I went for a jog with senragine this evening. Having eaten nothing but subway today and now having jogged, I feel healthy. w00t. Pity about all the subway cookies I also ate.

I found some sheet music for "Samson" by Regina Spektor yesterday, and have been teaching myself to play it. Which would make it the first whole none-church song I'd be able to play. I was paid $450 by subway this week. w00tyw00t. Monies.

And... and!! OMGSQUEEE... My blind Guardian tickets arrived in the mail yesterday, and today, my order from thinkgeek came in today. I am so impressed with thinkgeek. They had fast and professional delivery. I guess, as I've never ordered big things from the interweb before, it was very exciting. They actually came to the door, and got Dad to sign for it. Inside is Lise's present and Ian's present, but I absolutly love Ian's present, and I have to get more stuff from thinkgeek, so I might have to place another order, or just keep Ian's present for myself *rubs hands together in evil delight*. No, I won't do that, I'll just get myself one instead. Mum and Dad love it too. They were having a good old laugh about it.

Today at subway, between 4 and 5, there were 8 people who work at subway, in the store. And only 3 were rostered on to work. The other 5, were just there for free food and hanging out, because employees get free food (technically half price, but really, half price cookies aren't worth paying for, they're too cheap already).

There was a catalogue in the thinkgeek box, that Dad flipped through, he now wants to buy half the stuff in it. There was some seriously cool stuff in it, like this and this.
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