December 13th, 2006

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Christmas tree decorating

I decorated the Christmas tree this fine early early morning. *yawns*
Mum was complaining today because senragine was suppose to put the decorations on it or SOMETHING, so when everyone went to bed, I got out the decorations (the ones I bought for me last year in the post-christmas sales, when all decorations were going for half price) and decorated the tree. So now it's got a colour scheme of green, gold and red. As opposed to the ecclectic decorations from Mum's bygone era. But it will probably be changed in a few days when Mum decides she doesn't like it without her own decorations from her childhood. I do wonder how long it'll last. At the very least, she'll tinker and move baubles, because she can be like me, anally retentive about the weirdest things somtimes.

I do love my Mum, but I'm anally retentive when it comes to decorations, and it's always bugged me, that the tree has looked to chock-full of really really old decorations. But it's Christmas, so hey! what the hell, who cares? So long as Mum is happy
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Oh my goodness! *rolls eyes*
Last night while decorating the tree, I put on Christmas tree lights. I did a quick sweep of the room to check for power points, and missed the closest one in the corner of the room the tree was in, so I went for the next one, which was clogged with Dad's computer cords. I tried to go for pulling the speakers out, so I checked a couple of cords, innocent-looking cords. You know the ones, they don't have the bulky power things on them, just normal plugs. The two I checked ended being the cord for the whole computer, and the cord for the speakers. I went to putting the christmas tree lights on, and then I went to plug them in. I got my spare power board from my room, and unplugged the speakers... not quite. COmputer dies *Kat sighs, crap, oh well* I just plugged it into my spare power board with the lights. Turn on, lights pretty. yay. eljay post it. sleep.

This morning, Dad pulls me out of bed because his computer isn't working. I duno what he'd tried doing. So he wants me to fix it. I get up and restart computer, when that doesn't work, I go into properties/apperance/set the background to his old one that was lost in the initial starting. Viola! It works. But I swear, throughout the whole time I was trying to fix the problem, Dad's all:
"How many times have I told you not to touch my computer, when are you going to learn?" (italics are what I'm thinking, bold is what I'm saying) You've told me countless times, I thought I had the right socket, lay off, it was a mistake, but I guess you can't handle those ...
"couldn't you have used another power socket, there are plenty in this room, why don't you open your eyes?" well if the nearest socket weren't buried behind a stack of misc crap, maybe I would've seen it I thought the computer sockets were closest
"why didn't you ask anyone?" uh, it was a surprise, I was trying to be helpful ...

All this time, he's saying that I'm like, the stupidest person in the world, who's never going to learn, because I think that I can be helpful in stupid ways. Oh geez. I wish Dad didn't get so uptight. I mean, what I did to help this morning WORKED! And it was so easy, I'm not software engineer (but I was going to call Ian if nothing worked, and I couldn't think of much to help, I did everything I could, and am so damn happy it worked), yet I got it to work!

Everytime I somehow manage to sit infront of Dad's computer, I leave everything exactly as I find it. I think Dad would sometimes just prefer that I paid $50 rent, and then remained holed up in my bedroom/stoffice for all the time I was here. Heaven forbid I actually live in this house and make mess.

Also, last night, someone left the laundry lights on, and I got blamed for it. I was working on the Regina Spektor song at the piano, when Dad comes in "why did you leave so many lights on again, haven't I told you before not to leave them on if you're not using them?" uh, which lights...? "the ones in the laundry and the outside light and your [stoffice]" ok, I left my stoffice light on, but I' haven't been in the laundry all day, I didn't leave those on "what about these lights, do you need them on?" well, I'm reading music and trying to play the piano, so yes, can I please them on? *stalks off*

I think something's pissing him off, he can't get so angry over small things can he?

yes, he can!
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