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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence



Why is there a new interface for updating my eljay? I liked it the way it was before. hmmm.

Subway, continues to swallow my life whole. But, I actually got out on time, hurrah! I was doing the night shift, and typically, I get out late, because I'm all "have to do everything perfectly." But the addition of the shifts starting at 10 in the morning, has opened my eyes to the fact that the morning staff member can handle the morning just fine if a few things aren't done (but most is). So yeah, is going good, and I made cookies tonight, because everyone bought subway cookies. Man, those cookies are so freakin unhealthy. But so tasty.

I want a Wii!! I've been playing on javelinface's Wii, and it's really fun. I did some car racing today, and I actually did pretty well. I'm typically quite bad, and although I only won 1 race out of 3, that's still awesome for me! Instead of using a little joystick to steer the car, you tilt the Wii remote. I found it way more comfortable to use (head comfortable, it sits better with my brain). We also played a multi-player shoot-'em-up game, much in the same vein as 007 games. Except to move, you use the joystick on the nun-chunk, and you look around using the remote. Takes getting used to, but once I was used to it, I enjoyed it much better. I guess I just like pointing at stuff, and being more hands on, than using a joystick. Joysticks bugs me, I don't get the hang of them easily.

I can't believe it's 10 days till Christmas.

I saw Eragon yesterday. It isn't that great. It looked really good in the previews, but the whole movie was rushed, and badly acted, and had bad dialogue, and no characterisation. But the special effects were pretty nifty, and if they'd taken more time on developing the whole movie, it would have been pretty awesome. As it was, it fell short of the glory of awesomeness. But it was still fun. I give it 2 stars out of 5. It came just so close to being great, and it's just disappointing because I can see how it isn't great, and... yeah.

I am whack, and should go to sleep.

People who can't stand children in public piss me off.Collapse )