December 19th, 2006

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Christmas shopping = complete. Christmas cookie cooking = I think doing on friday evening with countessdeweird which annoys my a little, because I'm completely free tomorrow and want to do it then. I could cook tomorrow anyway, and then help countessdeweird on friday. Christmas card making = not very complete, but have started, and even given 2 to 2 receipiants.

Dad is being crap again. I got home yesterday and was telling him about the disaster that is my car right now (brake pads need replacing, power steering fluid and coolant are both leaking, needs a general service, air con makes the car overheat sometimes). So I say that I've booked it in for a service, and it's going to cost upwards of a grand. Then Dad all of a sudden starts getting shitty at me, saying that he is so annoyed that I keep running to him for money. OMGWTF! I didn't ask him for money, and am working and saving to pay for this myself in order to avoid his shittiness. I just thought he should know what's going on with my car... because it's actually his car. 'Scuse me for thinking he gave a damn.