December 25th, 2006


Merry Christmas

I bit the bullet and apologised to Dad tonight. WE had a pretty good conversation afterwards, he didn't realise he was being a bit of a dick. But I told him how I felt with the insult and he apologised and said he would try to be more sensitive when it came to conveying his attitude on certain matters. IT's quite nice to be on good terms with Dad again. I do love him, as he's family. And right now, I'm hungry, and Dad's silly cat, Tiger, is sitting on my lap and trying to get petted by my hands that are currently busy typing. And when he isn't going for my hands, he's licking me, which is tickly. Silly Tiger, not half as good as Atticus.

Also, Merry Christmas everyone.

Today is the day the Son of God was born to a virgin. He was the promised Messiah, who brings the free gift of salvation from sin , which was brought into fullfilment through his death on the cross and subsequent resurrection. And I know that the actual day comes from the Pagan holiday of Candlemas, but I celebrate the Birth of Jesus on this day too.
Jesus: don't die without him! lol

God bless this day for you. Happiness and safety

ph4t l00t

This year was rather surprising. Usually, senragine and I get more presents than Mum or Dad (coz they're the ones with the money to afford to buy us lots of presents). However, this year, Mum took the lead. She got uber stuff. Dad bought her a mp3 player (6GB), a tape adaptor and car charger. I bought her some body shop products and the 4th ed. hard cover, scrabble dictionary, with large print because Mum's getting old. I think Laura chipped in her little amounts of money with Dad. She also recieved "charlie" by Revlon from Uncle John, which was released when she was a young 'un. However, she already has a perfume, so she gave it to me *grin*. Mum wears "Opium," by Yves Saint Laurent.
Dad got a bunch of bbq tools that he'd bought himself, gave to Laura, and then received from Laura today. I gave him a 500MB thumb drive. Mum got him "Opium" for men. (rofl, so they can match *rolls eyes* *rofl*). He also got the Kenny dvd.
Mum and Dad gave Laura a PSP, which she absolutly loves! I gave her a banana pillow, which I'd wrapped up as if the wrapping paper were a pillow case, so you could completely tell what it was. But everyone found it hilarious that I'd wrapped it up so obviously.
And me! Mum and Dad gave me a gift voucher for a cut/colour/blow dry at the local hair dressers. And a gift voucher to get my 1st aid certificate, which should come in very handy! Mum made me a beautiful watch. Uncle John gave me a beautiful peacock shawl and a set of earrings and matching bracelet. Lise gave me Munchkin *squee* and javelinface gave me a lovely hardcover cocktails guide and a book of drnking games (:P I don't drink *that* much! but they are very cool). I also received a couple of very cool retro t-shirts that Mum found. They are so cute!

Now we all waiting for lunch, and are starving! And then I'm going to hopefully teach my family how to play Munchkin, because it's an awesome gift, and really didn't expect it. w00t! no more borrowing the MARS copy. hurrah!