January 4th, 2007

christian bale equilibrium

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There's a show that's being advertisted to start this year on 7 called Heroes. [Bad username: fergmonkey"] suggested that I would enjoy it. So a few days ago I downloaded an episode. It's very addictive and I realy do enjoy it. I've only downloaded 4 episodes so far, but it's great. I love getting to find out what the characters can do, and how everyone else around them reacts to their abilities. And then you know that eventually they're going to come together to save the world from an explosion, but so far, they're so far apart... and yet so close!

It's just a great series, I really recommend it to anyone who has a tv... or better yet, an internet connection to download it. *squee* hurry up and finish downloading new episode!!!

In other news, my car got serviced 2 days ago, and it's running beautifully. No random noises from beneath the boot, no leaking power-steering fluid/coolant., 100% working brakes. I'm really impressed by the guy who did it. He completely cleaned the engine out. He's a small business owner and works out of home, so I was a bit hesitant going to him. But he did a great job and saved me maybe a grand, if I'd gone to a big-business car place instead.

*sigh* work again tonight.