January 5th, 2007

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I get to Subway tonight, and find an angry note for me from one of the morning people ranting about the crap job I'd done last night.
I did NOT do a crap job. I forgot to do 2 things, couldn't do 2 things, and refused to do another thing. That make 2/5 things that were genuinly just my forgetfulness. Damn James thinking he can boss me around when 3/5 things are not my fault! It made me upset and everything, I almost cried, it was such a mean letter. But the fan in one of the fridges had broken over night (not my fault, then fan belt broke or something) and the morning was hectic because everything in that fridge had gone off. So he was probably stressed and took it out on me. Oh well, I worked really hard tonight, so hopefully, he'll be not-angry. :P I hate working at the Claremont store. Everyone is kinda unfriendly. Go the Subiaco store! w00tiw00t.

In other news... not much else is happening. I've gotten 25% through this particular mission I've been working on, on Red-Steel on the Wii that I'm borrowing from Peter. Stella had returned from her holiday and is going to put me on to regular day shifts at Subi, so's I can get a nightfill job and possibly save for a trip to Europe in the middle of the year with Intan, Matt O, Carrick and Ian. Getting increasing excited about my Blind Guardian trip. And I'm thinking of getting Laura a very cool birthday present, that I can't reveal here because she might read my eljay.

My wrist that I broke in '05 has been hurting again. I think I twisted it or something on Tuesday at work. Lifting heavy things hurts a little, and just twisting it is a bit difficult. I don't htink my wrist will ever be the same. I have a bump that shouldn't be there, probably just a growth of bone from when it healed.

Family is weird. But I can see that me growing up has helped relationships a bit. More willing to apologise, and I think Dad's more willing to listen, so arguments get resolved quicker.

Finally spent some time with countessdeweird early this week. I've been rather annoyed with her as she's been so inaccessable. So it was darn nice to see her! She spent two nights at my house, and hopefully will be able to spend more nights sometime, as living with lavaeolus, or rather, living with his parents, is hard. I'm glad we got to spend time together! T'was nice indeed!
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