January 7th, 2007

Claire Bitch plz

Subway Squabbles

Hello there.
I worked from 11-4 today. It was a nice cruisey shift, with not-many people coming in, and not-much cleaning to do because the store was left very tidy last night by yours truely. At 4, I go home. I stop to fill up with petrol, a lady tries to convince me to get a credit card, and I get a phone call from Stella asking me to work at Claremont tonight.
"The girl hasn't showed up to work tonight, and her phone is switched off"
"I just finished work at Subi!"
"I wouldn't ask, except I've called everyone else and they're busy/refuse to work/nugget heads" (the last one was added by me)
"I'm very reluctant to do this, but you promise there's absolutely no one else who can do this shift?"
"no one"
"I can be there in half an hour"

So I turn my car around and head to Claremont to do the night shift. I get there and am in a bad mood. I don't want to work! I want to go home and chill for a while. But, I had no other plans, and I want the money.

Miracles of miracles, the junior working with me is awesome. She'd already prepped ALL the veggies and meat. All we had to do that night was clean and serve (and other minor jobs that need doing such as counting money etc). She'd been working since 10am, and we were both just so eager not to work and get out early! Keep in mind we're meant to shut the shop at 10. At 7:30, we turn off the open lights to deter people from coming in. At 8, we put all the chairs on the tables, so more people will assume we're closed. At 9:15, I lock the doors so no one else can come in. At 9:45, we leave the building, everything done! We finished half an hour early. Ok, so it was only half an hour, but we spent 4-5hrs, cleaning and serving at a nice leisurly pace. It was nice. I still wish I hadn't worked, but it was a good shift to work!

Oh, and when I got home, TWO new episodes of Heroes had downloaded. And I bought a nice small black faux leather diary today to keep track of appointments and dates. Yay!
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PYLC, this big Christian Convention for aspiring/current youth leaders and is held at St Catherines, one of the boarding houses here in Perth, newt to UWA. It finishes on the 19th of Jan. Every year it has finished on this particular friday. Evey year, Gengis-Con starts on that Friday in Jan, and is held at St Catherines.

I just find it very amusing, that I'm a geek, who was thinking of participating by organising a game for G-con, and I'm also a raving Christian who is going to as many of the talks as she can over the course of PYLC. And before I got involved with MARS, I would wonder about G-con and see all the nerdy people. I just find it so amusing that they're right next to each other at the same place.
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