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And Then There Was Silence

Hiro dancing happy

Jonathan Westbrook

Working at Subway today. Peter Oats from the Dalkeith Anglican church came in to grab a sub. We chatted a little, and he gave me an update on Mr Westbrook. I met Mr Westbrook a number of years ago when I was working at the RYPC. He was a very proud man, quite wealthy, connected to wealthy and powerful people. When I was working at the yacht club he became a christian. I was happy, but doubtful. People can call themselves christians all the time, but not actually be one. We became, sorta friends. Well, he knew I was a Christian, and when I'd have a spare two mintues, I'd chat to him and ask how he was going. I knew he went to the Dalkeith church, and one night at Unichurch, Peter Oats, the priest from there, came to visit. I asked him about Mr Westbrook, and what he thought about this apparent christian-claim. He wasn't sure, as it was only recent.

Mr Westbrook got quite involved in organising some things around Perth, I think he wanted to host the annual Prayer Breakfast at the RPYC at one point. And Dalkeith Anglican had a Da Vinci Code talk dinner held at the RPYC. I think Mr Westbrook may have been behind getting the location booked.

Anyway! Peter Oats was telling me that Mr Westbrook attends church every Sunday still, and has really changed! And this is just awesome news. I remember praying for him, that he wouldn't just phase in and out of this, but it might be something he'd stick with. I prayed that he'd change into someone more Christ-like, and that he'd grow and mature. I prayed that his change might be evident, and he wouldn't be so proud. And God has answered my prayer! Mr Westbrook is a strong Christian! And this is so exciting. I want to give Jonathan Westbrook a big hug, because something so wonderful has happened. He was a proud man, but God has humbled him.

It really is amazing!

buffy smile

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Last night was a bbq at Anna's house. And it was an absolutly lovely time! I was surrounded by people I love, I was blissfully ignoring any annoyingness that some people had with other people, I had a nice swim in the pool, I made a nice salad, and other people brought yummy food. I had an awesome conversation with Tom, that made me feel just so good! I love my friends so much. I sat at the table for maybe 10mins, with my eyes closed, jsut listening to everyone talk and the music and I was possibly the most content I'd ever been. Even remembering it makes me feel good inside. I got lots of hugs and kisses. Which was nice. I felt loved, and just so content.

It's amazing sometimes... Something that happens or is said now, can be remembered and taken in. It affects the future. I think I haven't seen many effects of anything I do or say for a while, so I'm forgetting that they do have an effect. It feels good to know that somehow, in even the smallest ways, in the most insignificant act, I can make a big difference. Like praying for Mr Westbrook, or encouraging a friend, when I think that it'll make the least difference. It's kinda overwhelming. But I feel in awe that God has it in control, and I can be of some use. A stuff up like me can make a small difference! How awesome is that!

I just feel so good right now.

I think... I've talked it over with Dad, and I don't think I'll go to Europe in the middle of the year. I really want to go. But I'll be streching myself a bit thin trying to earn the money to go. Besides, when I eventually graduate from uni, I'll get a job, and then I'll get this massive holiday over Christmas and money from having a proper job, to go overseas with. It'll just be easier that way. I think it's wiser that I don't go. Besides, I want to go to Japan, and that'll be a trip that'll be satisfying a longer term goal of being a missionary in Japan. I really want to go with my friends. But... not having that experience, isn't such a big deal.

This has been a big decision, and I'm a little sad to be making it. But I feel good that I'm releaving some pressure on myself. Besides, I'll have more money available to me for miscellaneous spending. w00t(!) lol and also a bunch of 21st this year. I swear, every weekend is going to be one!