January 14th, 2007

Hiro dancing happy


it has come to my attention that there are people who read my eljay, who don't actually have an eljay themselves. So instead of being lazy and just getting an eljay, where they only have to look upon their friends' page, they have me bookmarked and every now and then, read some of it. I find this amusing. So a big shout out to those of you who read this, and don't actually have an eljay yourselves. Just out of interest, could you comment, so's I can see who else is out there. I've got Sarah Thorbs, Ben Rae and Ryan. Is there anyone else?

I sort of feel like now I have to spend more time editting what I say. I guess I've written under the assumption that unless people were friending my on eljay specifically, then why would you bother to read this. It's all "rant this" and "my day that" etc. That's so boring! :P
Also, now I have to back up all those outrageous claims that I make. i know it's a surprise to you all, but I'm not actually the best person in the universe. Alternatively, I feel like posting all the crap things that I've done. For no reason whatsoever, I feel like doing all the above. :p I am teh suck.

Oh! I bought shorts today that come above my knee, and don't look bad and I'm pleased, because with all this heat, less clothes are better (unless you're in public). :)

I enjoyed church tonight. I forgot to bring my Bible along :P, but the sermon was good. It was how creation proclaims God, and then the Bible explains God. And it was interesting, because lots of people believe in a god, but not the god of the Bible. And then sometimes, when you read the Bible, it can convict you and stuff. Yeah.

Went to the beach today. I love teh beach. Water so good. Times like those I appriciate a higher BMI so I can float nicely. And then I went to a picnic, which was good. And I love picnics! Cint and I swung on the swings there, and that was fun! Then sunday school, then church, then I got a sausage, then I talked to Ben and Ryan... etc lol.

Tomorrow is baking day with the girls. I'm nervous/excited. Mostly excited, I think it'll be good fun. Although, with all the baking, it might get really hot in the house. I might ask Dad about the air-con. And then in the evening, if leshara is back, I might go visit her. YAY! Not many days till she returns!!

senragine is back from her camp, and she had fun. She met a girl who is in the St Matts youth group. And I'm a youth leader, so kinda cool.