January 15th, 2007

Anya loving

Baking day summary

Baking went really well today. Dad helped me clean the kitchen bench so everything was ready for de baking! Sarah thorbs and Ali came over at a bit past ten. We made a stack of little cuppie cakes, that are-oh-so-cute! And when Tiff arrived, we iced them. I made a chocolate slice, Tiff made muffins, and Sarah made these massive cookies that we cut in half. We were baking for PYLC which starts tomorrow. So many sweet things! yum!

All the cuppy cakes are put into containers so I wont be too tempted to eat them all. Coz dey are so cute! Cookies have been removed from baking tray, slice is cooling in the fridge, and the muffins are sitting on the bench. When Mum comes home from work, hopefully she'll help me find containers to put these all into.

My face is a little sunburnt from the picnic yesterday. I keep forgetting about it and going to scratch my nose or something. But oh no! scratching nose doesn't sooth the itch, it just hurts! *ow*

I feel a whole lot better about the issues I had with Unichurch. Yeah, Unichurch isn't perfect, most of what I have to remember is that everyone else at Unichurch isn't perfect either. I just feel a lot better about everything. *good sigh* And having made an effort to get to know thegirls at Unichurch, I'm finding that many of them are open to building relationships and the like. Not that I never thought they weren't, but... in an obvious and stupid way, people wont know what's on your mind unless you tell them, :) So I'm feeling better about telling them!