January 17th, 2007

Hiro >A_A<

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"I'm going see Lise today"
*gets into car and drives to Lise's*
Peter is there
"Hi Peter"
"Hi Kat" says Peter
*drives Peter to work, goes to Malcolm's house and watches two episodes of Dexter, much joy from Kat with the Dexter watching*
*goes back to Lise's house*

No Lise.

Sigh. Lise has been sighted though. Through bleary tired eyes more interested in closing than being open. I thought they'd be back about 10-10:30, but alas, they didn't return until about 11:30, when I was uber tired.

In other news, my replacement jplayer arrived in the mail today, and shall hopefully be working for longer than 12hrs

ooops, Lise just arrived
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