January 18th, 2007


Sport stuffs

I want to be more physically active. I want to get really fit and healthy. So I am constructing a scheduale of stuff-to-be-active.
First up, I want to learn to surf. There's a beginners course running next week and I can completely afford it. Cost is $150 for 5 days. I just need to figure out the length and times of the lessons. If it doesn't conflict with work, I reckon I should go for it.
Social soccer can happen again this year. I did it a couple of times last year and had a blast. Anyone interested in forming a mixed team? Max of 5 player on the field at one time, so maybe 7-8 players in total would be ideal. $5 a game. Anyone interested? Mostly Monday nights, but maybe the possibility of Wednesday night, which would be more ideal.
Swimming in the morning. This one would take serious motivation. I can't do afternoons because I'm working then. The UWA pool is open for laps 6-7:45am on Mon, Wed and Fridays. So I think I could do that, then hang about till work at 10-11ish. Even go in early and help Lisa on those days.
Then of course, kendo Mon and Thurs nights. I think I'll start going again come the beginners course. Start off slow having been away for a while.
Then I want to bully some friends into playing tennis/badminton/squash with me in the afternoons.
Then I want to meet with some people regularly to read the Bible and pray. I have Hub on Tuesday night when uni starts up.

I'm looking forward to being active. I hope I can be active. I want to lose weight, but I don't want to diet *grin*. Well, eat healthy, but not starve. I don't think I'm capable of starving myself. lol