January 23rd, 2007


Activity is healthy!

I learnt to play tennis tonight. Lise showed me how, and we had a couple of good rallys by the end of our hour. I think definatly something to repeat each week. Running around after a ball is fun! and I feel good for being active and healthy. And I'm actually tired already, despite being before 2am, I think because of the activity. I shall weight myself next week to see if I've lost any weight. I'll try and go to the beach tomorrow to be healthy there. Maybe run around and swim heaps. It might be good to be active in the morning, as it'll give me a kickstart for the double at Subway. Come one, come all, to subway Subi, and I'll give you a discount. So long as you don't come during the 12-3 lunch rush. :D

I went to RPH today because I thought Mum was working a 12hr shift in ED. I brought her a footlong garlic pepper steak and 3 cookies. But... I had gotten confused. She wasn't working. She had done the 12hr shift previous to that one. So no subway for Mum. But I called her and told her that I was at RPH and she wasn't and that I had a sub for her. And she got all touched at my effort and that was really sweet. I love my Mum. I'm glad we're getting on well most of the time.

Hanging out with Lise has been good! yay for leshara!!

Went to a Unichurch planning evening tonight. Rory is the new leader of Unichurch, and he's thinking of making some changes. And he wants feedback and ideas so he can make the best unichurch possible. I think it went really well, and I'm hoping that good results will come of it.