January 24th, 2007

buffy smile

I'm up early

OMG everyone, I'm up before 10am. w00t. This means I can leisurely get ready for work and check all my updates, without being late for work by a few minutes. Typically I'm between 0-10mins late. Mostly due to me taking my time checking updates, but also traffic. You know, I might even take the train to work today! I have the time for it, and I'll save money. In which case, I have slightly less time now. But all updates are checked... so all I have to do is finish this entry and go to the train station.

Single life is going well for the most part. Very close friends know that I have a couple of hang-ups concerning it, which are just not going away. But it's good being single, despite those hang-ups. I love my friends, and I love having time for them. And not having to put up with one person's crap. And I have baggage too, so I don't want to bring that to a relationship.