January 25th, 2007

Claire Bitch plz

Craptacularly Subwayesque

Well that was just the most craptastic day of work ever!!

I got all angry at the world at one point, half way through my shift I wanted to throttle EVERY SINGLE BLOODY PERSON BEHIND 92.9!!!! Gah!!! I HATE hatehatehatehate commercial radio. I think Hitler is less evil than commercial radio!!!!!!!! I am using too many exclaimation points, but, damn it! Commercial radio is EVIL. It actually mad me angry. So I went and got my jplayer and listened to that on headphones whilst doing other work.

And I left the store having not done some jobs that needed doing, because I have to be back at the store in LESS THAN 12HRS!!!!!!!!!!!

*very grumpy*

I tried to get to Lise, and then Gene, so's I could get calm and stuff again, but neither of them was home. So no hugs for Kat *sigh*

Times like these, I really hate subway. Why must Stella roster me on too much? Why must we only listen to craptacular 92.9? Why are some so-and-sos at work too lazy to rock up to work? (not an issue of today, but yesterday, Jessica strikes again). *rolls eyes*

I left Lisa a note saying how unhappy I was. No employee of the month for me *kicks subway in the pants*
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I look like a dope in these photos. I think I always look like a bit of a dope. Anyone care to back me up on this? See my new dope-like purple icon. I :heart: photoshop
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