January 26th, 2007

christian bale equilibrium


I'm going to get myself a shiny new Motorola L6 mobile phone!! w00t!

Went shopping today. I popped into the various phone shops, but all the phones were an outrageous upfront price, attached to a plan or crap. Gene came with me, yay for Gene. We went into Tandy as a maybe-they-might-probably-not. But they had a good selection of phones, including the Motorola L6 and offered more helpful advice than Allphones, or anything else. See, my good old, trusty Sony Ericson is on the blink. It's been good, but becoming just a little unreliable. The L6 is rather affordable, within my price range, but I am going to have to pay an unlocking fee because I don't want to use my phone on Telestra. I'm quite happy with Virgin pre-paid.

So that's been my adventure for today.

And happy Australia Day everybody!
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Hottest 100

Songs and artists that I voted for that made it into the Hottest 100 are in bold.

Camille - Au Port
Cursive - Dorothy At Forty
Flaming Lips - The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
Freestylers/Pendulum - Painkiller
Frenzal Rhomb - Forever Malcolm Young
Grates - Science Is Golden
Killers - Bones
Muse - Map Of The Problematique
Subaudible Hum - All For The Caspian
Pipettes - Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me

Yay for wikipedia. People are updating it within minutes of the song having airplay as it counts down.
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