January 28th, 2007

portman casual

My weekend, if anyone is interested

Friday: I worked at Subway until 5:15. The store was supposed to close at 5, but we were rather busy all day, so we closed at 3 instead, so we could finish all our work uninterrupted. Daniela and I worked so hard and fast to get the shop clean before 5 (which we did). Then I went to Lise's where we headed off to the beach. We were both so hot! Weather was incredibly vicious. We were at the beach for about half an hour, then we needed to get to Nic's for his Aus day party/bbq. We were there for a little while then went to Leah's for a small celebration. Gene, Lise, Leah and I hung out and drank cider (I drank cider) and watched Empire Records, then fell asleep.

Saturday: Woke up at Leah's after not-much-sleep. Lise and I went to my house for me to shower etc. Then we went to Lise's. then I went to work. Home, sleep

Today! Today we spent at the beach. Was very very nice. Plenty of people turned up at about 12, which was just lovely. Some of us went to fetch some fish and chips, which we then all devoured pretty quickly. It was just really nice. Water was nice and cold, floating... more floating... sunbaking. I'm quite tanned, and a little burnt on my face.

now I have to go to kids church soon, then unichurch. Weather is still hot, it will hopefully cool down tonight. Tomorrow is beach then work. Tuesday, I'm going to learn to surf!