February 2nd, 2007


Damage Control and Enjoyable Evenings

So I was driving away from the house today to get to Nic's so's we could then go on to the beach, and have an inpromptu surfing lesson. However, at a stop sign maybe 2minutes from my house, I accidently rear-ended another car *facepalm*

Other car escaped damage COMPLETELY! and my car has no damage that stops it from working. It's just the bonnet's been pushed in and things are a little squishy at the front... but she still drives fine. *sigh* Stupid me. Oh, and I'm fine. Thanks for asking, :D

In other news, I went on a date last night. It was a very nice time and I really enjoyed myself. I think we're going out again on Monday as we're doing a 'can-Gene-and-Kat-get-to-know-each-other-in-a-week-by-going-on-some-dates' experiment. Lol. For all my St Matts readers, fret not! Yeah, he's not a Christian, but we're not serious; about this week or the future. We're just getting to know each other better and going on some fun dates. So there you have it, gentle reader. I went on a date and enjoyed myself... and lo and behold, it didn't lead to all sorts of badness that my 14yr old self might have thought it would.If only I could have told myself earlier (many years ago) that worrying about this relastionship stuff is stupid. I mean... relationships are different according to people and I don't think there's any point over thinking it or placing too much pressure on something that isn't even there.

So what if you date without ever getting married!! Just so long as you maintain sexual purity, you should be right!

So we saw Miss Potter, which was quite charming and feel-good. Cept for the part with me and the tears. It was a sad part. But overall, a very nice movie.

*sigh* Whatever happens, car or otherwise, I should be good with my jar o' dirt. *points to icon*
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