February 3rd, 2007

Claire Bitch plz

S ubway tales of huffiness

I just watched episodes 12 and 13 of Heroes. Hurrah!!

Today, subway was fairly busy. It was beginning of cycle today, so I was cramping through lunch rush (so not fun!). Stella had asked me to stay until 6 instead of 4... which was joy /sarcasm.
There was a rugby rush starting about 5:30 and went onwards, probably till about 8... I dunno. Gene had gone home to have a shower and was going to come back to the store, and I asked him if he would pretty please pick up my heals that I'd left home. So he went to do that, and came to subway to pick me up at about 6:45. 45mins after my shift finished! But I got all dolled up and went on the till whilst the 1 trainee, 2 juniors and 1 other senior were on the sandwich unit making subs quickly. I just made people pay for their subs.

Gene and I then proceeded on down to The Subi Hotel for Lisa's birthday. Played some pool, was hassled by a 32yr old man. Went on down to Intan's for swimming and pizza.

Oh, funny story. Jim, one of the guys at subway, was making this sub for a woman. She wanted seafood toasted. So Jim put the cheese and seafood on and put the sub in the toaster. Sub comes out of toaster. Woman is unhappy with sub. Jim is new and doesn't know how to deal with the situation. I pop my head in and ask what the problem is. The woman is complaining because her sub doesn't look right. I explain that seafood isn't the best toasted and we can make her a new one if she's changed her mind about having it toasted. She says that she wants it toasted, but her sub looks bad now that the seafood and cheese have fallen into the middle of the sub. Me, with my gloved hand, shifts the seafood and cheese back up to the top part of the sub in order to solve the... problem? Woman huffs and stalks out!

I mean! WTF! She doesn't want her sub because IT LOOKS BAD! oh gee whiz. It's how it's meant to be. Oh no, the meat shifted when it was toasting... WOOP DE DOO! Just... the arogance of it. I was trying to be nice and understanding and when I offered to make a new one, she said "well you'd better!" As if I'm there to make subs that LOOK good. Yeah, they're meant to look alright... but the meat placement isn't high on our priority list!!! oh grr! It wasn't about off food, or stale bread or food missing, it's about it NOT LOOKING GOOD!!


So anyway, I was glad when she left in a huff. Screw you lady!!!