February 4th, 2007

Claire cutie

Youth Group starts today

Today I'm going to Big Day Out. Before that though, I have the first Youth Group of the year this morning. *sigh* It will all be good and fine. We've a new guy on the job. Jeesh should do well. He's been a teacher for ages and loves God. I hope many of the kids will turn up. And I hope I get on well with my fellow youth leaders and not feel judged or anything. Should be fine. I love the kids and God, and that's what should matter.

And yay for BDO! Boo for missing out on church in the evening though. *sigh*
kitty upside down


I went to Big Day Out.
Muse pwned everyone else.
I have t-shirts!! w00t for me.
I got crushed in the Killers mosh pit and had to be dragged out by security.
I found some friends and said hi to them.
And, OMG, lil' Bruddor was there and he's all growned up. AW! I love my lil' bruddor to pieces. He's the bestest!
I am SO exhausted.

Oh, and Youth Group went well enough.

And 12 more days until BLIND GUARDIAN