February 5th, 2007

Hiro dancing happy

Live Music pwns

Live music really is terrific. I think it has something to do with the loud beats running through your body, and the impromtu craziness of the musicians on stage not really following the song properly in *that* part etc. And also seeing favourite bands on stage looking like nutcases, and still loving them.

The Killers were awesome. I knew all the songs they played and could sing along to them. Brandon Flowers, the lead, was awesome. He danced all crazy on stage. And his outfit was really cool. I was too far away to see Muse except on the big screen, but I went nuts from where I was, jumping up and down in the chorus and waving my hands in the air and moving my legs around. Anyone would think I was in the pit from the way I was acting.

Tool were quite good, but they are a more mellow sort of metal, so I didn't feel inspired to jump at any time. I did enjoy Tool. heh, it gave me time to settle from Muse.

I was listening to Muse and The Killers in the car home today... and it really isn't the same. There was something missing. And I think it may have been a volume issue, but also, thousands of people cramped into a small space singing along. Now that was something!
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