February 10th, 2007

buffy smile

Not half as depressed as yesterday. I knew it would pass soon. And I slept in my own bed last night!

I should update and let people know that I'm feeling pretty good this morning. So worry not for me! I've been sleeping on Lise's spare bed for the past couple o' nights.

And people, lay off eh? I do appriciate the concern, but I felt a little smothered at times. And it's very easy to feel smothered when depressed. Saying something like *hugs* will suffice, and not make with the smothered feeling. Saying "let's talk, do you want to talk... etc" will. Mostly because when I'm depressed, I don't know what I think, so I don't want to talk about what I don't know when the topic is my thoughts. It's too confusing. So lay off.

That is all on that matter.

Last night I went to Chesca's 21st. But, I knew like, 5 people there. I met a couple o' randoms, but... given the depressed mood I'd been in like, all day yesterday, I didn't feel like hanging around. I thought that I would come back. Back then I didn't. Playing on the dance machine was fun. I suck, as per usual, but it's just so much funs!

Tonight I'm going to another 21st. w00p. SIgh many parties. And then Tuesday night is a 23rd, Wednesday I think I'm doing something with single people for Singles Awareness Day and Thursday is girls and games night. I think. Then Friday I'm flying to Melbourne. Sauturday I fly back from Melbourne and have decided to stay one more night so I don't miss Intan's 21st on that night. Sunday I drive down to Margaret River.