February 11th, 2007

Buffy coz it's wrong

Judson's 21st

So tonight was funs! I had a little too much to drink, but I think, excepting my increased extrovertedness, and slight inability to balance in stilettos, you couldn't really tell. And also, I'm a terrible, terrible flirt. *bad!Kat*

Now I've had a D&M with Liseypoo, I shall be off to sleeps. Youth Group in the morning.

Also, I actually met and chatted to prettyreddress. And that was good. We chatted about stuff in common. And then I was all excited about stuff... I'm ranting in a very tired and not-structured way. So I'm going to sleep. nites

OMFG, 6 days till Blind Guardian!!!!! [insert more '!!'s]
Buffy hair up

My Sunday Adventures

Today, busy. Well, it was pretty good. Slept at Lise's house after Judson's 21st. Youth group this morning. Went pretty well. I need to laminate these memory verse business cards though for the kids. So hopefully, that'll get done tomorrow or Tuesday before the leaders meeting.
In the afternoon, Lise and I went out for lunch at this place called Wagamama, which was a bit weird, but rather nice. And afforadable. So I think Lise and I will be going there again. It's like, westernised Japanese food. I'm a big fan of traditional Japanese food, so it was weird for me, but I think most people would enjoy it.

Then Sunday School. We have two new leaders, which makes a total of 5 leaders. Which is lots. It's nice... just will take some getting used to. I don't want to bully the kids into behaving, but... with so many leaders, they might be a bit intimidated.

Unichurch was good. The sermon got me thinking about judgment, well, the whole topic was on judgment, but on how it's a good thing because all the injustice in the earth will be made right. And God, who has supreme authority over anything, will not tolerate evil, but will eradicate it forever. So, all creation is groaning in longing waiting for the time when there will be complete justice. Talked to some people and stuff. All nice.

oh, and I bullied Nic into a surfing lesson tomorrow. w00t!