February 13th, 2007

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My car is dying

So I worked a double last night. Gene came and spilt a bucket of water on the floor at Subway. Then we went to Lise's house and watched some Harvey Birdman whilst drinking beer. Hilarious! But then I went to give Gene a lift home coz he lives down my way. Anyone who's been in my car at all knows that there's a portal to hell inside it. But last night, the pitch of the noise rose. And now it's squealing and gears aren't changing like they should ( I think I need the engine revs at a particular place before they change). This is going to be expensive.

*groans* Kat is not happy. Kat is not happy at all. But this needs to be fixed NOW. Cannot be put off. So I'm going to call up somewhere and see if they can take me in. Somewhere close. I don't want to be driving my confunded vehicle while it's in this state. And this is my busiest day of the week and I had to cancel this morning's breakfast with a friend so I could find time to take it in.

*sobs inwardly*

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Update on car and prayer

Ok, so after calling a whole heaps of mechanics in the area, I eventually caved and called John Hughes, the uber-expensive-but-can-be-relied upon-to-service-my-car place to go. So I'm getting it towed within this hour sometime, and then have to find my way around Perth on a tight schedual for the rest of the day. I might have to swing by my unit and pick up my bike. Though God knows how I'm going to get down to Margaret River with my busted car. Unless the repairs are done before Sunday *crosses fingers* In fact, I don't know if I should be crossing my fingers. I'm going to pray instead.

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car has just been towed and will be looked at. I'm posting updates on it here because I think people care. That is all