February 15th, 2007

Hiro dancing happy

car updates and excitment

Ok! So, I didn't update you all on my car yesterday, so here it is.
I got it back yesterday afternoon. Gene was being a big sweetie, and let me borrow his car. When I finished work, he came by, we drove to John Hughes. I picked up my car, Gene drove home in his and I drove to Lise's in mine. Hurrah! My car is all better. And the clutch is all squishy and soft. I'm so unused to it. What's more, Dad's taking money out of my trust fund investments to pay for it, which puts neither of us out of pocket for the repairs because the investments have grown heaps from when Dad put a little money in them.


Also, OMFG! (that's Oh My Freakin Goodness too everyone out there who says differently) Blind Guardian is Freakin Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!1!
*jumps up and down**jumps in circles**trips over the mess in my stoffice*

Have I ever been this excited before? I don't think so!