February 24th, 2007

spike grrr


Hello gentle reader. Damn, that sentance took longer than usual to write, thanks to my computer popping things up and demanding my attention.

Yesterday I returned from my very lovely holiday in Magaret River. It was nice and relaxing. Spent time just reading and beaching (sunburn, ouchies!). Hopefully will aquisition pics from Anna and post a couple. Also, my mate cowboy71 has some Blind Guardian pics on his eljay, and I've stolen the one of me and friends and Collapse ) it is.

Anyho, Margaret River was very very nice. I always enjoy it down there.
Last night was Lydon's 21st. It was a masque. I made me a mask using a scrap of fabric from the ball dress I made back in December of '05. So my mask matched my dress and it was very loverly and if I can get my hands on some pics, I'll post them for people to see.

It was a great party. Lots of effort went into it and the end result was awesome. Much fun times.

Now I'm just chilling before I have to go to work (subway, bleh, I was enjoying time off work) at Claremont. I thought I was working at Subi, and there's the rugby(?) on tonight, which means the Subi store is going to be uber busy. But I'm not working at Subi, I'm at Claremont. So that has alliviated some of my stress over tonight.

Oh, and I just remember the whole point of this entry. It's to tell you of my breath-holding extravaganza! Down South, Lachlan taught me breathing and techniques to hold my breath for longer than 0:30 (30 seconds). And 1st attempt, I held it for 1:20. yay! I had a second attempt last night and held it for 2:20 and then a third attempt a few hours later for 2:45, and this morning, I lay down on the couch with a clock at my feet, did the breathing for ages and held my breath for.... dah dah daaaaaaahn! THREE minutes and twenty seconds! Go me! So that's me and my great holding-breath extravaganza!