February 25th, 2007


Bonhoeffer this morning,

Today I had a short spot in Youth Group that we've named "Splodmire" which is an amalgamation of different things we want the kids to take away for Youth Group. Such as, a church history spot (that which I have snagged). So Jeesh got me to look up Bonhoeffer and present something small on him. So I snagged a couple of Dad's books and threw together the short (very short) history of him. Interesting guy. Wrote some theological books and founded the Confessing Church two years into Nazi Germany. Was eventually hanged in 1945 after an assassination plot on Hitler went bust.

anyway, we've been going through 'people Jesus met' at Youth Group, and this week we looked at The Centurion who asked Jesus to heal his servant. The Centurion demonstrated a large amount of faith by telling Jesus that he wasn't worthy to have Jesus enter his house, and as Jesus has authority over everything, he only need say the word and the servant will be healed. And so Jesus healed the servant. The moral of this story is that Jesus is Lord over everything. And this connects with Bonhoeffer. Bonhoeffer was a man very centered on Jesus and living that out in realistic terms. He lived with Jesus as his Lord. Not just a willy-nilly push-over for a savior, but Lord, who is just and wants us to live under his rule.

So it was a good morning. We shouldn't just sin and think of Jesus as one who'll forgive and we'll all go happily by. But Jesus is Lord, and we should live accordingly under his rule. Bonhoeffer did this, and became very involved with social ethics and the like. So, I thought that was cool and wanted to blog it

Jesus is Lord, creation's voice proclaims it - duh

So since I've been encouraged to have Jesus as my Lord and not just Saviour (I frequently need these reminders every few months or so), I've been trying to act in a Godly manner. This is hard. I've been falling into a routine of sin and taking my forgiven state for granted. So, today, has been hard. It's like, a continual minute-by-minute, second-by-second decision to say 'don't go down that path' and it's hard.

And this reminder has only been in place since this morning! Oh well, God never promised it'd be easy. But when no one's looking, it's easy to sin. But Jesus is Lord over me even when no one else can see me. So I have to remind myself to flee away from temptation. But what do I do when the temptation is in my head? Pray!

But still, it's hard. And I feel like a huge fool for forgetting that Jesus is Lord. It's so easy to just take the forgiveness and ignore Jesus. Really really easy! Damn me and my sinful ways. But I think today has been an improvement. Let's see how I go when I'm not attending church three times a day. *le sigh*

And now I'm le tired, so I'm going to have a nap, then fire zee missiles. lol