March 3rd, 2007


Mars shinanigans = funs!

Hewo everybody. I had yesterday off work as there was a Mars meeting I need to be at. Was good. But man! There are SO many freakin new people. And they're all little and young... awww. Didn't actually play any munchkin. There were so many people playing already, one more would have just added to the turmoil on the table. After the meeting, I headed over to the smalled table with dc_chunks, Gene, Chris, aurickandrien and John. All older members, and we ended up playing a game. T'was amusing that there was segregation... unintentional, but amusing.

Last night I hosted a "Beer, BBQ and games" nite for Mars. We had about equal numbers of n00bs and oldies. And Gene, jospeh_bn and I managed to win pictionary. We are FTW!!! w00t
Everyone cept Chris - who is a vegetarian so brought his own meat-free stuff anyway - forgot to byo meats. So my two packets of sausages was stretched between everyone. I was very surprised. lol. I also made a basic salad and had cheese and crackers. I didn't expect so many people to turn up, but there were 10 at one point! It was great that so many came!

Today I'm going to go window shopping. Well, I'm looking for leather pants. Coz leather pants are c00l! But chances are I wont find any... or anythat look good. So I'm going window shopping becasue I probably wont end up buying anything. And then watching a movie with a friend coz we're both bored people, and then going to another 21st!! w00t! 21sts. *sigh* So many this year!

And check out my new icon! It's a pic form me after seeing BG and hanging out at the Crown Casino.
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Ramblings that don't mean much. Streams of thought. Don't read if you get bored easily

I just remembered. I've been compared to Scarlett Johnasson before, but last night... Nicole Kidman!? o_0

It's flattering, but I don't see any of this Johansson or Kidman thing. They're kinda out of my league. I just thought I'd post that here. Thank you for listening, of gracious eljay audience of mine (of which I suspect, are less than I'd like to believe there are)

On that note, people seem to boast a bunch of readers these days. You know, have your spot on the internet, get traffic passing through and have a devoted readership. I'm signed up to various popular eljays and RSS feeds etc. People whose opinion others want to hear.

I dunno, I think it's cool that people want to read on about me and my mundane life and not-very-interesting opinions (cept when I'm on a hobby horse - and I have a few of those!), but... if I think I like having slightly less than what I'd like to believe... I know what I mean. I think I like this because it's counter cultural. And it means I'm nt that popular. And I don't think I could deal well with popularity. I think it's overrated. But anyway, there was a random thought. lol

I read (uh, past tense) a livejournal that continuously addressed it's readership. Of which there weren't many, maybe 3. It was amusing. Many if you were a publication that tackled issues, as opposed to just "today I did this" maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But it made me chuckle. Rest assured readership, that I only address you to parody the blogs that do. Because I think I have a readership of slightly more than 3. I have 41 friends, and let's say that only half regularly read me eljay, that still leaves 20 odd people who read it... o_0

I would be thoroughly amused to adress my readership if I had none. Boy... that would be funny! I could all kindas of crazythings, like make comments anon to myself and give my rants rave reviews. lol

I've now got 60 icons! <3
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