March 6th, 2007

Simon casual

work was satisfying

OMG liek, go away heat!!!

40 degree heat!? *cries* I want rain and thunder and lightening! Not this too hot crap!

In other news, work last night was really satisfying! I know, wow! But I worked really hard,and got everything done on time. And plenty of prep was done, so the fridge was chokkers when I left. i'm just pleased knowing that I did a good job and still got out on time. hmm... satisfying! =)

My shift has gotten shifted (hah) today, so I'm last minute cancelling some things. Bleh, but it's ok. And I'm looking forward to hub tonight. Although, after the heat, the church hall will probably be really stuffy. BLEH!
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I am sicks

I can feel the massive headache descending upon me like a pack of wild elephants stempeding in my head. I had this daydream on the way home today that this headache was actually cause by terminal brain cancer. And what on earth would I do? Probably cry a bit. lol
And also, I've been drinking water all day to NO avail. My throat is sore and dry still.

I HAVE A COLD!! wtf? it's like 40 degree heat and I have a COLD? shouldn't a have a hot!? lol. I blame my cold for the bad attempt at humour.

Also, BOYS ARE CRAP!! And confusing and strange. Bleh to boys.

See my icon for this post? I feel like that! Whacked over the head by a freight train... I know that doesn't work... shut up!

Also work today = good. I packed my own lunch and dinner *so proud of me* and worked hard again and the store was all cleany and I worked lots of hours for monies. And I'm going to be house sitting for a month at the end of this month. In nedlands. So I'll be in not-whoop whoop for a month. So yays for that!
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