March 7th, 2007

road and trees

Subway Sensation

How much do I love cold and flu tablets!!
SO MUCH! yay. I got to work early today (10:30) so I could pop over to the chemist in the complex and grab some tablets. Then I took some and by the time 11:30 came, my sinuses were clearer and my headache had gone. yay!

I worked so hard at work today. Jim, who's meant to come in at 12 for the start of the lunch rush, came in at 1 instead... :P late! So Lisa and I were stressed out trying to do the first hour of lunch rush by ourselves. As I was working so hard and fast at the lunch line, when Jim eventually rocked up, I just kept on going with all my momentum. I got the store all clean and lovely by 2:30!! (Huge achievement there!) And then the last hour and a half of my shift was all lovely and cruisey, just plodding my way through doing some prep work for tomorrow (so now I don't have to do it tomorrow morning! :D).
So yeah, work was satisfying today. And it was air-conditioned. So I spent most of my day in wonderful 19 degrees C.

Now I'm going to a pub with Lise and some of her mates. A cold beer = good. Especially after a really satisfying day at work. And then home to sleeps to shake of the remnants of this cold of mine.

God was good to me today. Thank you Father!
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