March 8th, 2007

portman glamour


Work was very good again today. Rather satisfying.

But, my head has quite full of thoughts. *thinks a bit* oh, my head is unused to thinking thoughts. lol

Hack on Triple J is very interesting, and I enjoy listening to it most 5:30s. It makes me think. heh

Went to the beach today, and that was good too.

This post is rather... unimportant isn't it. I've half a mind to not post it at all. But what's my purpose in life but to take up space on your friends page eh?

Oh, I heard a mashup on Triple J a little while ago. It was Summer Nights and another song, and it was very funky. I found it the other day and now I'm happy. Be prepared to be subjected to it upon my 21st! mwahahahah!