March 9th, 2007


Hanging at Mars isn't always a bed of roses

Went to hang out at Mars today. Was good. DC and I finally sorted out the banking/money situation. We changed the signatories for the account, then closed the account and moved to Unicredit. FINALLY! Now we can pay for stuff we've been meaning to pay off for some time now! hurrah!

anyway, we went back to Mars and hung out there. Then some of the newbies started dissing Christianity and related things. It made John (the VP) and I pretty uncomfortable. John is also a Christian, which is very encouraging by the way :) But anyway, it was very uncomfortable. I guess I've been used to engaging on a deeper level (and with more open minds from both me and the person I'm talking with) with people in regards to God and faith and other issues, that having people there being all negative and closed minded really put me off. But it stopped soon and then they left for food. I like the newbies, but I wish that that whole incident hadn't happened. I feel bad for not saying something more forceful, but I don't think I could have because I don't want to be all bashy. They have had issues with some of the Christian clubs from O-day too. Apparently the clubs were too forceful with handing out Bibles. *shrugs* I wasn't there and wont take a stance on those issues they have. But it makes me a little worried, as I'm also a member of MCU, and don't want anyone to be pushed away from Christianity.

Am I selling out because I'm too fearful of pushing people away? Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, let me know what you think. I could use some prayer and advice. I've contacted John about the possibility of meeting together to pray and read our Bibles.