March 11th, 2007

buffy smile

Goings on

I went to 2 21sts last night. Both were just great, and I wish they could have been on different nights, because I hated rocking up late for one, and leaving early for the other because both of them were just awesome! and there was a Mars hanging out and drinking night last night, which I popped in for an hour or so on my way home to say hi. People there, said hi and then left. All good.

The issue from Mars is getting resolved. There's a thread on the forum board that's been started by Gene, just saying that intolerance isn't tolerated. And that's made things better for me. I'm hoping that the newbies will be aware of what they're saying in future, and will make discussion, rather than bashing, a common feature of this year's Mars.

Youth Group went well today. I had the church history spot, in which I tried to cram in as much about Cranmer as I could in 5 mins. Heh. I completely glossed over he theological reformation that was going on at the time, to look at the social context and hopefully encourage the kids to stand up for the sake of the Gospel truth. Also, we met afterwards to discuss the youth group camp which is happening next weekend. Should be jam-packed full of learning and activities. To be honest, I'm not looking forward to all the work involved. But I am looking forward to building relationships with the kids and other leaders some more, and learning stuff myself. And I think it'll be good for me to have that kind of experience in helping to organise a camp. I'm very glad I'm not Jeesh or even Steve, who have massive responsabilities. I'd like to take on more, but honestly don't know if I'd have the time. And I don't have the experience, so probably for the next camp, they'll have me doing more. But right now, I'll just be glad for the not-much-work I'm doing, and I'll keep a look at out at how it runs from this side of a camp so I'll be better prepared for next time.

Jesus as my Lord is going slightly better than before. I've tackled some big sin issues in my life, and I might have them under control. But I'm not about to get complacent about it. You never know when they might sneak up again and attack me. So I'm still wary, but feeling better about the situation in general. So yay! \(^o^)/

And now I'm going to lead Sunday School today. Heather has ben doing it for the past couple of months while we get back into routine. Last week she gave me the material, and today I'm leading. It's not too difficult, so I'm feeling good. But my throat's been giving me some grief today, so I hope it wont fail on me. That would be bad.

I played guitar hero for the very first time today and went, average. And I was pleased enough with that (^o^)