March 15th, 2007


Tribute entry to Jim The Divine Emcee

Ok, so, I work with this cool guy called Jim. He can get very annoying at times, but I love him heaps and he knows it. He's a rapper. Or whatver. I don't listen to rap. He has a myspace with some of his raps on it. So to those of you who are interested in rap, and want to check out some awesome talent *cough*rapsucks*cough* go here. I rather like 'Wasting God's Time' tho. I guess because I've heard that song a fair bit on Triple J, I can stand mash ups and it's essentially him rapping over the song, which is not unlike a mashup! :D

He quit because he found a higher paying job at iinet. Which is fair enough, he's saving up to buy all this music equipment, so his career can be all... career-like. He going to release a cd sometime, and I promised him I'd buy one. It could be the first ever rap cd I'll own (and possibly the only one).

So I'm sad Jim's gone. Lisa and I no longer have someone to glare at when they arrive 10mins late to the start of the lunch rush (and 10mins matters!). But also, he was funny and relaxed, and I appriciated it. So there you go Jim, if you can tear yourself away from myspace and visit my eljay, this is my tribute entry to you. :p You'd better comment to tell me how awesome I am for reffering people onto your music. (^.~)

He's probably very talented. He sang me a song the other day... heh heh \(#^.^#)/ and he can make up lyrics goo dont he spot. lol. I'm leaving that typo sentance as is coz it's amusing. lyrics good on the spot. heh

Work busy, tomorrow is youth group camp. I'm very nervous and scared. So much work and being with other leaders for two nights, and the pressure of meeting everyone's expectations. eep! pray for me yeah?