March 24th, 2007

Claire sweet questioning

My week of exhausting-but-goodness.

So, I'm now at home *sleeps*
I'm going to get food and then continue to update. Lol. Nope, can't be bothered. And also, there's nothing in the fidge... cept for some old old grapes. :P

SO! Last weekend was the youth group camp. Very intense. I went to work until 4, drove around like a mad chook buying some paint, drove to the Law's (name changed) to pick up Rachel and Nic for camp. Drove to church hall. Also, made subs for Me, Rach and Nic for dinner. Spent an hour or so faffing around getting ready, then drove to Moore River for the camp. It was stressfull and VERY busy, but oh-so-worth it. I think the kids got a lot out of it. And it was a lot of fun. We went rafting and did a bunch of games. We had a talk on Saturday morning and then another one in the evening. Ali and I had a group of three girls, and on Friday and Saturday nights, we prayed with them. Ali and I shared a room, and it was really really nice spending time with Ali. Because Ali is just the niceset sweetest person (right up there with Anna... don't ask me to choose. They're both so very lovely). A couple of people I didn't expect to be there were there too. Like Chelsea and Shiloh. But I'm glad they came, and hope they got a lot out of it.

We drove down on Sunday after cleaning the place. My team totally pwned the floors (sweeping and mopping)!! :D The got back to the church, unpacked and got Rach, Nic and myself back to their house, where I lived with the kids and Lise for a week while their parents were in Mauritius. I love the Law kids to pieces. They are awesome. Andrew is in yr 2, Simon yr 5, Nic yr 7 and Rach in yr 10. So big age range, but it means Lise and I only really had to worry about Andrew and Simon. It was very exhausting though. Straight from youth group camp to babysitting the kids. And when I wasn't looking after the kids, I was at subway. GAH! But Lise had it no better with work (two shifts I think, as opposed to my 5) and also uni assignments to get through. And she had to miss out on a couple of lectures too. :(

But we had lots of fun (exhausting fun) and we both dearly love those kids. Makes me want to have a family one day.

On that note. I have no idea what I want out of life anymore. I know that I want to be a teacher, and I know that wherever I am and whatever I'm doing, I want to be praying and reading my Bible and continuing in my relationship with God, because He's the awesomest and I love Him SO much. But, anything else, I don't know what I want.

I'm going to be housesitting a house from Monday for 5 weeks and I'm looking forward to it. It's a really nice house in Nedlands. The backyard looks like a cottage. They're kind in the middle of renevations. So there are some light fixtures that don't work and there's only some planks of wood on stands to serve as the kitchen bench, but I think it's very quaint and I love it!

So today is my recoup day after my extrodinary week of insane business.

Oh, Down With Love is a very charming movie and I recommend it for a fluffy romantic comedy with a fun twist. It's very stylised and overacted - but on purpose and the end effect it great.

Relient K new cd is very good. I'm listening to a couple of songs over the interwebs. They're good. I hae their last two cds, so I might have to get this one too.