March 26th, 2007



How much do I love Masi Oka? So much!
1. He portrays Hiro in Heroes, and that character is just oh-so-cute and the best character on screen.
2. He's also a digital effects artist. How awesome is it that there's an actor out there who can do something else besides entertain!?
3. He's into kendo! :love:
4. He's a geek. He likes WoW (even ran a guild) and other video games. And collects manga and comics
5. He's had guest spots in Scrubs.
6. He translates his own lines in the Heroes script from English to Japanese!
7. He's also fluent in German!

*sigh* So awesome.

And I'm trying this thing where I randomly link to stuff in my entries if I can be bothered. Obviously, I was bothered this morning
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I have a blogspot. I figure I'll use it for anything I feel soapbox worthy. I set myself a project to research things and then write about them. So go here for anything like that. And because I have a custom header, instead of a title, my page name is html code. lol. Anyone know how I can change that? And I also have a syndicated feed blogspoteti if anyone wants to friend me. But I'll be updating very irregularly
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