April 3rd, 2007

Dexter nails in ice

Supposed friends, subway stress and tiredness

Hello everyone. What a big past couple of days.
Sunday. Church etc, went home early after church. Been getting tired early these days. My 'friend' Alistair came over and we were meant to just chill and hang. But we got to talking (as you do... I like talking) but his version of talking was bashing all I believe in, am and stand for. "Your faith is destructive to society" "children shouldn't be given an option in what to believe in" "stop laughing at me, I can tell you're faking and you're a terrible actor" "why would you work hard at subway?" etc. It felt as if he were only there to validate his own inflated ego. He insisted he was attractive to me and that he was the best person he knew. I was so infuriated by him, all I could do was laugh, which then prompted his comment on me faking. It was incredulous! I couldn't believe him. The night streched on for a little over an house. He's the most close minded, offensive and egotistical person I've met! Needless to say, I wont be continuing with his friendship. I do not need friends like that.

Sunday night, I set my alarm on my phone for 5:30am so I could be at work by 7. My alarm malfunctions. I wake up, roll over and wonder that it's so light outside for before 5:30. A bit worried, I check my phone. It's 9am. I'm waking up two hours after I'm meant to be at work, and an hour after the store has meant to have been open. I check my phone. I've recieved one msg from Stella saying 'it's 7:30, I'm at the store, where are you?'
I throw on my clothes, grab my toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush and run out the door! I speed to work and arrived in tears. I run up to Stella and first thing I said is "I set my alarm!!! I promise!" Stella was so understanding. She'd opened the store on time and had started the bread and cookies in the oven. She even stayed until 10:30 while I got things into a rhythm. But it still took me 2hrs to calm back down. Such a shock so early in the morning!

It was a good thing I have a good work ethic and good reputation at work, so that Stella knows I don't ever do this. And that I'm telling the truth. So horrible! But that was my adventure.

Today went a lot more smoothly at work. I actually got up at 6 and had a shower before work. I even got in time for some Bible reading, prayer, breafast and a cuppa! Work just went on and on tho. Very long day. And I didn't go to Bible Study tonight because I'm so tired from waking up early and work stress.

Anyone wanting half price subway, come in between 8-3. I have Friday off, which should be nice. Yay! But I'm undecided on which on which church service to go to.

Oh! I'm seeing 300 on Friday night. I'm very excited. Can't wait!