April 8th, 2007

kitty upside down

'unthinking and blob-like as a clam'

Last night I made myself this scrumptious dinner of 'yoghurt and chilli chicken' so good!
I was invited to a girly evening by Sarah Thorbs. I arrived and strangely enough, we spent about half the evening crowding around her computer! I felt like we all should have had computers and made a lan out of the evening. Which would have been SO funny considering most of the girls there are semi-computer-illiterate. But we had so much fun! Most of the girls have myspaces *shudder* and we all friended one another. And then _shana of all people convinced Suz aka sweetandsavoury to make an eljay! So yay, we've stolen another one to the dar... I mean light side. \(^.~)/

And then I told the girls I'd blog this, because I was wearing my "I'm blogging this" t-shirt. And I also told them I'd hyperlink to something. But for the life of me, I cannot remember what. I also wanted to syndicate a bunch of blogspots on to eljay, but didn't have time.

It was a very very enjoyable evening. We had the funniest conversations. I'm so glad I went. I was tempted to stay at home and get rest for my cold, but it ended up alright anyway. And I helped Sarah made these really delicious muffins \(^.^)/

And now I'm at home having lunch with my family. We're having a steamboat!! yum!

Oh, and I had the most disturbing nightmares last night. I dreamt that a whole bunch of people were watching this horror movie. But I didn't want to (I hate scary movies) so I went into this other room with a couple of other people. But they started acting freaky like in the movie and it all felt very demonic. I woke up absolutely petrified and sung hymns and prayed until I calmed down. And then I couldn't close my eyes because I kept seeing things from the nightmare. So I read The Science of Discworld II until I was tired and distracted from my dream enough to go to sleep without fear.
family guy tube guy


Happy Jesus is not dead day!


I'm learning a new song for today. I heard it on Songs of Praise this morning. I turned the tv off after I heard this song, because it's so good, I wanted it stuck in my head. w00t.

mmm, full of prawns and mussels. Yum!
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