April 20th, 2007

shinobi love

Update from Cint's

hey, I'm making a post from Jacinta's house while we're all here from a gathering. I'm adamant that no one cares that I'm on the internet, but Tom K disagrees. Anyway, I'm having a very fun time atm. Despite being very tired. No one wants Kat6 to be om the internet we are ab9out to haver apple frritters with icecream.l <---Anna said that. but she's right about the apple fritters, yum!

Work has been very busy recently. I think the school holidays have been prompting people to come to subway. Which kinda sucks bbecause it makes the day a lot busier and I get frustrated because I can't manage to get all my cleaning done. Oh, and one of the girls just quit, so Stella has rostered me on for 6 days this week. And I'm rather annoyed by that. But at least my weekend shift is a saturday day, instead of night.

Tom C aka thenewleafturns has finally rocked up to a group event. leshara, countessdeweird and I were very happy to see him and we all wish we saw more of him!

Tomorrow I'm going shopping with Lise. Yay! I'm looking forward to it. And I got a hair cut today. Just a trim, but it's shorter by 2 inches. The red has mostly gone from it. So I think I'm going to have to get it redone, or dye it again myself. I am having fun here. but I love the interwebs muchly. Still listening to the conversation beind me, I'm just blogging instead of listening whilst sitting in the circle.