April 22nd, 2007

V far away

Weekend of goodness

Last night I had some peoples over to my house sitting house for pizza and general hanging out. Oh wait, I should start from the start of the day.

Yesterday leshara and I went shopping. First I went to Centro Galleria in the morning because I had a gift certificate for it, and I bought a dress from Just Jeans. Then Lise and I went into the city after she'd finished work. Lise currently doesn't have a bank card, so I used my debit card and she'll pay me back sometime. She bought new jeans, boots, a dress and new tops. I bought two other new dresses and a light jumper. It was really nice going shopping for the day. I don't do it that often, and it was all stuff Lise needed (new shoes and jeans... seriously, her old ones were over five years old and falling apart). And also some staple winter fashion items. If you buy maybe 3-5 new things each season, you can combine it with other older items, but basically keeping everything looking up to date. :D I was musing on how I'm a geeky metal-head who manages to keep fashionable (when I can be bothered wearing something other than t-shirt-and-jeans).

Then afterwards, people came over to mine for pizzas and hanging out. Much mess was made :D, and we pretty much spent 5hrs chatting - which was lovely. It was a nice relaxing evening. I pointed people in the direction of milk/kettle/clean cups/oven/pizza making things, and they did everything else themselves. I'm a pretty lazy host. But I did cut up the pizza food! And then this afternoon, I made myself a massive pizza using all the leftover foodstuffs. Today was nice and relaxing.

Tomorrow I need to get a quote for the small damage at the front of my car. I need to sort out uni biz, and make my weekly call in at MARS to make sure people know I still exist and want to be a continuing member of the committee. Even if I'm not prez, I still care about the club.