April 24th, 2007

Buffy coz it's wrong

new friends and church biz

so I was wearing my "I'm blogging this" t-shirt after work today and I popped into woolies to grab some foods for Lise and I to eat before Bible study tonight. I was standing in line for the quick express lane thingo and the guy who swipped my foodstuffs told me that he liked my t-shirt. Ah-hem, yay! t-shirtage gains me a new eljay friend. w00ty w00t. although, upon seeing my own eljay, he'll run away or something.

Dinner went well tonight. I've made normal mash potato and sweet mash potato, but tonight I tried red sweet mash potato (red skin, white innards) and it tasted really good! could have used more milk or something, but still good. And the lamb cutlets were yummy too.

Bible study was good. We're looking at Micah. I did Micah in the MCU bible study last year, but I think am getting more out of it second time round.

Unichurch weekend away is coming up this weekend, as is my moving out of this house I'm housesitting and my first girls Bible study leading thing. Steph has led the Bible study until now, but I'm doing it. I'm feel pretty confident. I need to call the girls tomorrow arvo and let them know it's on, and then do some prep for it. Should be good.

oh, someone on the tv right now is updating their blog. lol. I have a blog. w00t.

Oh, and work was going well today. Last night I did all the night prep I need to do this morning, so when I got to work, I had not much to do. And then the rain kept people away and lunch rush wasn't busy. So after we'd cleaned the store, I did tomorrow morning's prep. Yay for all the work getting done without customers! lol