April 30th, 2007

potc seasoning

yesterday and today happenings

So I've dug out my flash cards for Jap kanji and I've started going through them again. And my lord, I've forgotten a lot. boo. But, at least I'm on a head start to remembering them again. Yay. And hopefully I can remember all of semester one's kanji, and then all of semester two's kanji, which would be very very helpful when I actually get to semester two. A lot of Jap is remembering words. What they mean and how to write them. So if I can get a head start on that, then ideally, all I'll really need to remember is grammer. Wish me luck! :D

In other news, Gene came to church last night. omg! ^.~ It was really nice that he came and afterwards, we went to a cafe and had a big long chat about religion and the Bible and Christianity. Was good.

Sunday school beforehand though, didn't go so well. The kids were being really bratty. I don't know why they were being so bratty. They're usually a little bratty even on the best of days. But I was in a meh mood, so I let them play a game so they could get their giggles out, and then when we were discussing the lesson, they were still being stupid so I had to be all firm and tell them all off. I even sent one of them out of the class after 3 warnings.

This morning Dad woke me up early so I could go with him to drop off his car at a smash repairers and I could also get my own car assessed. So we did that, and then I drove him back home. At last, I'm finally getting something done about my car. It's happening pretty quickly actually. To the point that it's getting fixed next monday. Which is very ideal because I have that day off work. Still, hopefully I can borrow Mum's car or something in order to get around for the day. I'll be glad to get my car repaired, so that I don't have to worry about the headlights. The duct tape holding them in place is falling off a bit in the rain. Which means they drop low and I cannot see the road properly. :P But yay, getting fixed! :D