May 8th, 2007

road and trees

Sleeping lots. hurrah!

Oh Lordee Lordee. lol

I went to bed at 9:45 last night, and woke up at 8. This means I managed to get 10hrs sleep! w00t. After the extreme lethargy of yesterday, I didn't want to feel crap at work. I'm feeling chuffed that I managed to get so much sleep. A bit grandma-esque for going to bed so early, but I really couldn't stand to be up for much longer. I had a very small nap on the couch while I was waiting for dinner to finish in the oven. Dad made me make dinner - so bad when ill.

My car is still in getting all the dents knocked out of her. hurrah! Mum isn't working today, so she's letting me borrow her car to get to Hub and then drop Lise off. hurrah again!

Still in pj's, soo good. *goes to actually eat breakfast* <-- omg!
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